Paula and Sherman's Wedding

Last month I had a privilege to photograph Paula and Sherman's  wedding. I guess you can call it a destination wedding. Paula is from Atlanta. Sherman just graduated from West Point military academy. The wedding was held at Marriott Hotel in San Francisco.  It was such a beautiful event. Everything went without a hitch. It was organized by Nelya from SF Amazing Events. Bride looked stunning with the make-up help from Sahar and hair from Janine from Modern Indulgence Salon. Everything was beautifully decorated by San Francisco Amazing Flowers. Ceremony was conducted under Miracle Chuppahs by Cantor Feldman. Non-stop entertainment during reception was done by Legacy DJ.  All rental needs were filled by Unica Rentals. Cake was made by Fancy Cakes.  Even photographers and videographers from Shakewell Studios worked well together. :)

San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-1879 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-1885 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-1895 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-1902 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-1938 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-1946 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2100 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2165 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2179 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2218 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2365 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2401 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2417 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2443 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2462 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2481 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2581 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2673 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2678 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2742 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2757 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-2809 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-3042 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-3212 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-3223 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-3257 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-3327 San_Francisco_Wedding-Photographer-3374

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

It was a pleasure to photograph clients Ann and Paul at their recent wedding. Taking place at San Francisco City Hall, there were two rooms where the wedding took place- the signing ceremony was in supervisor Scott Wiener’s chamber, and the actual wedding ceremony was in the Supervisors Chamber. City Hall weddings are very popular right now, and while there, I saw at least 15 other wedding parties!

Information about San Francisco City Hall Weddings

I have had the honor to photograph many gorgeous San Francisco City Hall Weddings in the past, and doing so have picked up some useful tips about getting married in City Hall:

  • You have to reserve two appointments to get married at City Hall, one to obtain a marriage license, and one for the actual ceremony. These appointments can be scheduled on the same day or two different days. If scheduled on the same day, make sure to reserve your appointment to obtain a marriage license at least an hour before the actual ceremony as to ensure enough time.
  • Appointments for marriage licenses and ceremonies and can be made up to 90 days in advance, and ceremonies can be booked Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. These reservations can be made online or in person at City Hall.
  • Once you arrive for your Ceremony Reservation, each person must present:
    • Photo identification.
    • Valid marriage license.
    • One witness (no more than two) if presenting a public marriage license.
    • No witness is required if presenting a confidential marriage license.
  • There are a few beautiful locations in City Hall where you can have your marriage ceremony. The Rotunda or a private room comes with no extra charge, limit to six guests (including a witness and a photographer), and 10 minuets for the ceremony. City Hall does not allow you to reserve the Rotunda because there is no guarantee you will be able to use it for your ceremony. The 4th Floor and Mayor’s Balcony are more private, allow up to 100 guests, and 1 hour for the ceremony, but with a charge of about $1,000.

The Big Day! I DO!!!

A wedding is something that happens once in a lifetime, so being able to photograph a wedding is very special. The bride, Kristina, was so elegant and graceful and the groom, Michael,  so handsome and anxious both of them ready to say I Do and start their lives together. The bride and groom got ready for the wedding at the Fairmont Hotel, ceremony took place at the Russian Orthodox Church and the reception was at Olympic Club.