A Fashion Portrait with a Tux!

I was very excited when Stacy called me. She mentioned that her son has a Tux from being a ring bearer last month and asked me if it’s OK to photograph him in upcoming family photo session wearing it? Are you kidding me? I love making creative and unusual photographs! Bring champagne and let’s get it started! And now we have proof that her son was ladies’s man even before puberty! :)

To make this work we needed a location where wearing a tux would be OK. Palace Hotel in San Francisco is such a place.  My motto is: “It is always better to ask forgiveness than permission!”

Lucky for us, hotel security intervened  just as we wrapped our “fashion photo session”!

San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_- San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--2 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_-0013 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--3 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_-0034 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--4 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--5 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--6 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--7 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--8

Homage to the Stars Photography

There was a great article in last Sundays Chronicle of my clients Frank, Sonny and their daughter Ava about their costume skills, especially for Halloween. To see the article Click Here

I had the privilege to photograph them and their spectacular outfits for the last several years. Each outfit is hand made! Each photograph was designed to look and feel like original poster or photograph from the movies.

Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Minnelli, Rita Hayworth, Ava Gabor, Cher, etc... It does not matter. Ava can play the part of all of them.

Here is a compilation of my favorite photographs from our portrait photography sessions:




Rita Hayworth


Scarlett O"Hara

Scarlett O"Hara

Scarlett O"Hara

Scarlet O"Hara  with  Rhett Butler

Ava Gabor

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gabor

Rita Hayworth with Rita


Sonny and Cher

Sonny and Cher

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra with Mark Anthony and Julius Cesar

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra


Lisa Minelli

Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra


Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra


A model for a day.

I have been photographing Gitta for many years: Maternity photography, Newborn photography, Family photography and everything in between.  I get very excited when my client who is "Mom" calls me and wants to "Glam Up" a little and do a "Model for a Day" photo session. Well, it's more like a model for a few hours! :)    Child is waiting!

Gitta and I went to Marin Headlands National Park for our photo session. Please do not tell park rangers! :)

The weather was perfect and mom looked like a model! We succeeded!

A model for a day Photography

A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography--2 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0013 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0050 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0060 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0066 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0067 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0083 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0103 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0127 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0134 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0160 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0167