An Executive Portrait Photo Session with help! :)

I was hired by Amy Gordon from Mama Lounge to photograph her staff for her website. As usual, I told her to bring anything she and her staff needs to be more relaxed during session. Well, the kids are always helpful when it comes the time to relax! Since the kids were present and I am a child photographer, the kids were part of our executive portrait photo-session.

Executive portraits

An Executive Portrait Headshot

How lucky can you get? I am photographing my client Anette for her website. As usual, my question to my clients before every executive photo session was: When someone sees your executive headshot on the web, what or how do you want them to feel about you? Her response was: She wants to look professional businesswoman, confident and approachable. For this portrait we chose  downtown San Francisco for her executive portrait. My assistant, my client and I dodging passing cars while photographing when all of a sudden several police cars started blocking California street 20 feet from where we work. At first I thought that I did something wrong: after all we were photographing on the streets of San Francisco during green lights for pedestrians but then realized that they are blocking street to film a car commercial. I was very grateful that we did not have to dodge cars anymore. On top of that, we exceeded all of my clients expectations! :) #Executive portrait

#Executive portrait

#Executive portrait

#Executive portrait

#Executive portrait


Executive headshots photography

In this photo session I photographed Tari and Nicole for Pete Brannigan real estate in Noe Valley. Each one told me at the beginning of photo session that they hate when someone take their photos because they always look bad. They both loved they way our images came out. :)

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Executive headshot portrait session


Executive headshot photography

For his executive headshot, Ben wanted to look confident and yet approachable. I believe we succeeded.

Professional Portraits

My client Paul is a speaker and an insurance agent, and he needed to update his image for online professional websites, and speaking tours. To do this, we had a photo session to produce  professional headshots in our San Francisco portrait studio, as well as more casual portraits. Paul, after seeing the photographs, said: “The photos are amazing, I really like the way I look.”

Professional Headshots

Misty is my friend and a professional photographer and she needed executive headshots for her website.

Portrait Photosession

My friend Dan was retiring from the force and I did a retirement photo session as a gift to capture his years of service.

For this image, Dan wanted to be photographed in the area where he spent most of his time! But for this image I needed a police car...."No problem" He picked up his phone and in 2 minutes we had a police car for the shoot.