Newborn Photography in Danville

I have been photographing Renee and Mike for what it seems like forever. Their engagement, their wedding, their first pregnancy, their first newborn, etc... Renee mentioned one time to me that their house is shrine to my artwork. Naturally when Renee had her second child, I was there to photograph him. Knowing that Renee and Mike like, I was able to recreate the same studio look and feel in their home.

Newborn and family photography in Danville

Newborn_Photography_Fima--2 Newborn_Photography_Fima--3 Newborn_Photography_Fima--4 Newborn_Photography_Fima--5 Newborn_Photography_Fima--6 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0023 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0026 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0039 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0044 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0093 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0107 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0112 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0127 Newborn_Photography_Fima-0146