Display at Mama Lounge in San Francisco

I was thrilled when Amy, who is the owner of Mama Lounge in San Francisco asked me to display my work in her office. Mama Lounge San Francisco clinic in Laurel Village specialties are natural medicine for Fertility, Prenatal and Postpartum. Since my specialties are Maternity Photography and Newborn photography, it is a perfect location to display my work!

Newborn and Maternity photography

San-Francisco-Maternity-photography-02 San-Francisco-Maternity-photography-03


An Executive Portrait Photo Session with help! :)

I was hired by Amy Gordon from Mama Lounge to photograph her staff for her website. As usual, I told her to bring anything she and her staff needs to be more relaxed during session. Well, the kids are always helpful when it comes the time to relax! Since the kids were present and I am a child photographer, the kids were part of our executive portrait photo-session.

Executive portraits

A model for a day.

I have been photographing Gitta for many years: Maternity photography, Newborn photography, Family photography and everything in between.  I get very excited when my client who is "Mom" calls me and wants to "Glam Up" a little and do a "Model for a Day" photo session. Well, it's more like a model for a few hours! :)    Child is waiting!

Gitta and I went to Marin Headlands National Park for our photo session. Please do not tell park rangers! :)

The weather was perfect and mom looked like a model! We succeeded!

A model for a day Photography

A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography--2 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0013 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0050 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0060 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0066 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0067 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0083 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0103 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0127 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0134 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0160 A_Model_For_a_Day_Photography-0167

San Francisco Panoramas

In an effort to take non-boring landscape photographs, I chose to take a series of  panoramas that show three different gorgeous views of San Francisco. The first photograph was taken at the Broadway Pier, and shows a night view of downtown San Francisco. This picture is actually 40 separate images that were stitched together in Photoshop, and the final file size is huge, at over 6 GB! The second panorama includes the Golden Gate Bridge in the bay, as well as San Francisco in the background. It was taken from the Marin Headlands, and was stitched together in photo shop with 26 different images! The third panoramic view of San Francisco was taken from Twin Peaks and shows the entirety of the city. It started out as 24 separate photos, and then was transformed into one beautiful image in Photoshop. I am available for commission work!