Professional Portraits

My client Paul is a speaker and an insurance agent, and he needed to update his image for online professional websites, and speaking tours. To do this, we had a photo session to produce  professional headshots in our San Francisco portrait studio, as well as more casual portraits. Paul, after seeing the photographs, said: “The photos are amazing, I really like the way I look.”

San Francisco Studio Family Photography

My client Marica hired me to photograph her whole family. In our San Francisco portrait studio, I had the opportunity to take family portraits of her family, her brother’s family, and her parents. She told me it was the first time in her life that she had a formal photograph taken with her father. The family photos included pictures of the grandparents with their granddaughters, the two cousins playing together, and photos of the entire family together. It was a great opportunity to take these very special photographs for my client.

Portraits with Personality

Recently, I was able to take a series of black and white portraits of my client Michelle’s youngest son. We wanted to show his silly and unique personality in the portraits, and I think we succeeded in capturing the charisma of this young boy- a new model superstar is born! Michelle brought in her two older sons as well, and I photographed all three of them together for a family portrait with lots of love between the siblings.

Fundraiser to benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation!

A fundraiser to benefit National Breast cancer foundation. By donating $25.00 you will get a 15 min. studio mini session and one 5x7 photograph. To buy tickets for this fundraiser or just to donate, click on this link:

If you have any questions or want to schedule a photo session, here is our website:

The photo sessions will take place March 15th and 16th.

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This fundraiser is a cooperation of Fima Photography and Animal Company:

Sonny and Cher

Having an appreciate for pop music, we paid honor to legends in the 60s and 70s in this family photography session. Sonny and Cher were icons forging the way as husband wife team.  I photographed these timeless portraits capturing the heart of this father and daughter and to the memory of Sonny and Cher.

Rita Hayworth

Reminiscing on the past, this portrait photography session continued along the path of a tribute to the famous stars of the 40s. There needed to be a change that happened in my studio in order to capture the essence of Rita Hayworth. Adding some color and a costume change we got back to photographing and capturing unique family portraits.

Rita Hayworth and her loyal companion. Everyone made it into this photography session even the dog. He was on his best behavior and right by Rita's side!

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner

At this photography session the family wanted to capture the essence of the 40s and some of that era's legends. I captured this family's' portraits as they would have back in the day at my portrait studio in Noe Valley. Everything was working the wardrobe, make-up and posses. It is as if Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra came back in 2013.

Flashback to the 40's with leading actress, Ava Gardner! Once a classic always a classic

This father daughter portrait was a tribute to the classy 40s era and of course the leading couple Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra. Black and white photos, pearls and tuxedos you cant get any better than that!

Frank Sinatra at his best, sitting back and enjoying life!

Newborn Studio Photo Session

I had the pleasure of having this lovely family in my portrait studio with their newborn baby girl for a family photo session.  She was only 8 days old when we had this newborn session.

Family Photography in My Portrait Studio

Yulia owns Flowers of the Valley on 24th street and she asked me to photograph her family. We of course had to have flowers in this photo session at my portrait studio. I photographed her children together and then captured the entire family for their family portrait under the mistletoe!

Photographing Newborn

I like the challenge of not only photographing unpredictable moments of children, but throwing in the extended members of families, pets. Pet photography is another challenge in capturing great images but all worked out today we got the family dog winking at the camera.

Every time you take a diaper off during a newborn photo session the child ends up peeing. It just so happened that I caught this newborn at the right time and captured this great shot in my portrait studio. It took me over 3 years to get this exact image.

Family Photosession at our Professional Photography Studio in Noe Valley and at a Park in San Francisco

Two sisters sharing precious moments in our professional photography studio in Noe Valley, San Francisco. We also got a photograph of the entire family for their mantel. After capturing those images we moved over to a park in San Francisco and got some loving images of the father with his daughter.

A Mother and Her Son

The bond between a mother and her newborn baby is instantaneous. Everyone walked away smiling and happy from the days photo session. I photographed their engagement, wedding, maternity, newborn and now their children. It has been nice seeing the progression of this family through the years and through these lasting photos.

Professional Headshots

Misty is my friend and a professional photographer and she needed executive headshots for her website.

Love of the Game

This families love for sports, more specifically the Giants, was captured in my studio. A brother looking like he is waiting to watch a game while his sister sits happily ready to cheer the Giants on.

Portrait Photosession

My friend Dan was retiring from the force and I did a retirement photo session as a gift to capture his years of service.

For this image, Dan wanted to be photographed in the area where he spent most of his time! But for this image I needed a police car...."No problem" He picked up his phone and in 2 minutes we had a police car for the shoot.

Family Photosession in My Studio

Kids don't stay young forever,  so being able to capture those precious years is great!

Family Photosession in the Park

I love it when I capture kids being kids, enjoying the beauty of life. We had a great day and the park and finished the day off at my studio getting a great family portrait for the mantel.

Family Studio Portraits

Did a photo session with a family at my studio in Noe Valley. We captured touching moments between family members, including the dog!