Family Photography

Crystal and her family have been clients of mine for several years.  Much like many of my other clients, when I ask them what they want for their family portrait session, they can't decide on whether they want indoor studio photography or outdoor photography.  Luckily, we can make both of those happen in 1 1/2 hours or less, and all for the same price.  We have many parks nearby.  40 minutes in a park, 40 minutes in the studio, and we can make everything that you want for their family photos a possibility.

Stars & Mono Lake

One of the curses of doing something that I love is that even when I go on vacation, I bring my photography equipment to try something different or new. So on my recent camping trip to Mono Lake in California’s Eastern Sierra, I wanted to try photographing star trails. In order to take pictures of the stars, you need to be as far way from city light pollution as possible, and as high as possible. My goal was to find the highest possible camp site in California, and I got many funny looks from Park Rangers when I asked them about this! I ended up in the White Mountains at 12,000 feet, where I took the star trails photographs. At night, the temperature dropped to 35 degrees Fahrenheit-but anything for arts sake! These are my three favorite images, one of the star trails above my campsite, one panorama of a rainbow over the bank of Mono Lake, and one panorama of Mono Lake.

Painted Ladies Panorama

After a photo session with a client in Alamo Square that ended at 7, I waited until 8 to take this gorgeous panorama. It was worth the wait! The photo, of the famous Painted Ladies Victorian houses, has downtown San Francisco in the background. The final panorama image is compiled out of eight separate images.

Professional Portraits

My client Paul is a speaker and an insurance agent, and he needed to update his image for online professional websites, and speaking tours. To do this, we had a photo session to produce  professional headshots in our San Francisco portrait studio, as well as more casual portraits. Paul, after seeing the photographs, said: “The photos are amazing, I really like the way I look.”

San Francisco Panoramas

In an effort to take non-boring landscape photographs, I chose to take a series of  panoramas that show three different gorgeous views of San Francisco. The first photograph was taken at the Broadway Pier, and shows a night view of downtown San Francisco. This picture is actually 40 separate images that were stitched together in Photoshop, and the final file size is huge, at over 6 GB! The second panorama includes the Golden Gate Bridge in the bay, as well as San Francisco in the background. It was taken from the Marin Headlands, and was stitched together in photo shop with 26 different images! The third panoramic view of San Francisco was taken from Twin Peaks and shows the entirety of the city. It started out as 24 separate photos, and then was transformed into one beautiful image in Photoshop. I am available for commission work!

Family Photos in the Presidio

We ventured outside our San Francisco portrait studio for a photo session in the gorgeous Park Presidio of San Francisco. Amid the nature, we photographed client Gisele and her family. Gisele is the owner of newly opened Spark Creativity, on Church Street in Noe Valley. The family portraits included Gisele, her husband, and her kids, and feature whole family photos as well as sibling photos. This was one of my favorite family photo sessions in a while- the entire family looks so happy! The best compliment I can ever have from a child photo session is when children ask their parent if they can do it again next week! When Gisele ask her kids why, their reply was that they had too much fun at this photo session. Even father mentioned that it was very painless experience. He had a lot of reservations about it beforehand.

San Francisco police officer Photography

Patrick protecting San Francisco.

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Fundraiser to benefit National Breast Cancer Foundation!

A fundraiser to benefit National Breast cancer foundation. By donating $25.00 you will get a 15 min. studio mini session and one 5x7 photograph. To buy tickets for this fundraiser or just to donate, click on this link:

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The photo sessions will take place March 15th and 16th.

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Not Your Usual Family Photos

My friend Keri who is also a professional photographer asked me to photograph her family. We took this photo session outdoors in San Francisco. I suggested they bring a couch to this portrait session.  When I heard her husband was a gymnast, I decided to change things up and add a little spice to the family portrait.

Destination Family Photography

I took this family out of my portrait studio and to Glenn Park for their family photo session. We photographed some precious family moments and took some great portraits of their daughter.

Family Photosession at our Professional Photography Studio in Noe Valley and at a Park in San Francisco

Two sisters sharing precious moments in our professional photography studio in Noe Valley, San Francisco. We also got a photograph of the entire family for their mantel. After capturing those images we moved over to a park in San Francisco and got some loving images of the father with his daughter.

Family Photosession on the Beach in San Francisco at Sunset

Walking, jumping and hitting a pose, we captured all of this and more at the beach photo session in San Francisco. The family got to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach, while we created lasting memories for ages.

Family Photosession in Douglas Park

I got to capture 3 generations of a family: grandfather, father and son. The photo session took place in Douglas Park on a beautiful day and in our studio in San Francisco. Everyone had a great time.

Photosession of a Local San Francisco Dry Cleaners

Local dry cleaners, Sea Breeze, asked me to recreate this picture they took in front of their store 20 years ago.  In this photograph they are holding the old picture. The store has gone through many generations and we captured the newest generation running the business.

Family Photosession at the Park & Beach

I tried rescheduling this photo session 3 times due to bad weather on that day. Nothing can ruin a photo shoot more than bad weather. However, the mother was insistent that we have to photograph that day. Everyone was ready and we are prepared to do it today. I even tried to talk the father into rescheduling the photo session for a different day. He agreed with me but told me he tried to convince his wife but she was insistent. We all climbed into the car and we weren't even three block away from their house and the weather changed. Whether walking on the beach or at the park, we always manage to have a good time and capture loving and  lasting moments. I caught the boys being boys, the mom and dad sharing a quiet moment together, and great photos of the entire family.

Professional Headshots

Misty is my friend and a professional photographer and she needed executive headshots for her website.

A Mother and her 3 Daughters

All three sisters shared an amazing day playing on the swings, running through the fields and playing with flowers while their mom enjoyed seeing them create lasting bonds. Its great capturing a mothers bond with her daughters!