Family Photosession on the Beach in San Francisco at Sunset

Walking, jumping and hitting a pose, we captured all of this and more at the beach photo session in San Francisco. The family got to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the beach, while we created lasting memories for ages.

Family Photosession at the Park & Beach

I tried rescheduling this photo session 3 times due to bad weather on that day. Nothing can ruin a photo shoot more than bad weather. However, the mother was insistent that we have to photograph that day. Everyone was ready and we are prepared to do it today. I even tried to talk the father into rescheduling the photo session for a different day. He agreed with me but told me he tried to convince his wife but she was insistent. We all climbed into the car and we weren't even three block away from their house and the weather changed. Whether walking on the beach or at the park, we always manage to have a good time and capture loving and  lasting moments. I caught the boys being boys, the mom and dad sharing a quiet moment together, and great photos of the entire family.

Family Beach Photosession

I love it when all the elements come together to create beautiful images. The family had a blast spending sunset on the beach, the weather was perfect and the even the dog enjoyed chasing some waves.

All in the Family!

I recently did a photo session with an extended  family in  the park and at the beach. Together we captured the love they have for one another, childhood innocence, and the strength they have when they are together.

Karen and Bob with Andy, Jack and Timmy

When we did Bob and Karen's family photo session she was very happy with all the images except for the picture including all the family members. I guarantee my results so I told Karen we would reschedule for that one image at a different day. This time it was at the beach but when we got there the sun was pretty much gone. We rescheduled a third photo session and this time everything was perfect: The light, the kids, the waves, the sunset...  As you can see they look beautiful.