My Trip of the Lifetime

My Trip of the Lifetime! Ever since I finished backpacking John Muir trail in 2015, I wanted to spend more time in the wilderness, sleep under the stars, hike to remote lakes, rivers and mountaintops, meet total strangers and become best friends. Another way of saying this: to simplify and enrich my life.

Anyone who has followed me on FB probably guessed it- this dream is about to happen. On April 7th, I will start my long hike: from Mexican border to Canadian border. Yes, the Pacific Crest Trail. I am coming back to civilization in September.

So, if anyone needs my photographic skills for child/family photography or headshots, I am available till March 15th. After that everything goes to storage and or be sold (except camera equipment)! I know it’s hard to think about Holiday Photography so far in advance, but…since I will only be available during September-November this year; my schedule will be crazy when I return.  If you wish to schedule a photo session, you can have your pick of the dates now.

And finally: I am selling digital files from family photo sessions and weddings I photographed over the last 10 years to raise funds for the trip. The older the files, the cheaper they will go. Right now they are all on hard-drives connected to my computer and easily accessible. I have no idea how accessible they will be when I come back. This is your best and maybe last chance to purchase them.

I am taking the camera on the trip and will be updating periodically my travel status with photos and words on FB and on my website’s blog.

Hope everyone has great spring and summer.