When I photograph people, I search for the human aspect-those spontaneous, intimate, vulnerable moments that define a person's essence or tell a story. It's those moments that capture my passion and set my work apart.

Over the years, I've perfected a highly personal, documentary style that is accomplished with love, care, creativity and above all, fun. By tuning into the emotions of the moment, I build photographic essays that unfold organically. I combine a sense of humor with a sense of timing to capture candid, natural moments without contrivance or stiffness. With an eye toward unusual perspective and attention to the finer details, I deliver beautiful images powered by your passion and captured with love.

Award Winning--Full Service

My portrait photography work covers the entire Bay Area. My portrait and wedding photography have won numerous awards from my peers: Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area.

I offer a variety of full-service packages to fit your individual style and price range.  We start with an initial consultation (approximately 30 minutes) to discuss your goals and desires, and my goal is to exceed your expectations.  Whether it's a single portrait or a complete wedding album, I'll be happy to custom design a package to suit your needs and the unique requirements of your event.