A Fashion Portrait with a Tux!

I was very excited when Stacy called me. She mentioned that her son has a Tux from being a ring bearer last month and asked me if it’s OK to photograph him in upcoming family photo session wearing it? Are you kidding me? I love making creative and unusual photographs! Bring champagne and let’s get it started! And now we have proof that her son was ladies’s man even before puberty! :)

To make this work we needed a location where wearing a tux would be OK. Palace Hotel in San Francisco is such a place.  My motto is: “It is always better to ask forgiveness than permission!”

Lucky for us, hotel security intervened  just as we wrapped our “fashion photo session”!

San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_- San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--2 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_-0013 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--3 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_-0034 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--4 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--5 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--6 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--7 San_Francisco_Family_Photographer_--8