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You all know me as a Family and Portrait photographer; I also deeply love travel photography. I am always a portrait photographer -- even when I am traveling. 

So, ever since I visited Nepal last year, I wanted to go back to Southeast Asia and explore more. Why? The living is inexpensive, the food is great, the people are friendly, and the scenery is out of this world. Below is my visual story for the last 6 months of travelling throughout Southeast Asia. I hope you enjoy it! The countries I visited are in the following order: Myanmar (Burma), Thailand (North), Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand (South), Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

PS: If anyone knows someone who can help me publish this, please let me know.

My PCT hike in 2018

This year I went on Pacific Crest Trail again, starting from Mexican border. Due to minor injury that sidelined me for 2 month (do not worry, while I was recovering, a fun photography job in Italy opened up!) and lots of smoke from fires everywhere in the mountains, I called it quits after 800 miles. So with 200 miles that I hiked in Nepal in January, my total wilderness mileage for the year is 1000 miles.

The start at the Mexican border

The start at the Mexican border

After the first snow storm

After the first snow storm

Sunrise in the mountains

Sunrise in the mountains

Wildflowers are everywhere

Wildflowers are everywhere


My backpacking trip in High Sierras.

I just finished a one month, almost 300 mile backpacking trip from Echo Summit (near Lake Tahoe) over Mt. Whitney to Whitney Portal near Lone Pine (Pacific Coast Trail sectional/John Muir Trail). After few days on the trail, PCT hikers gave me a trail name – “Tripod” – because I was carrying a 7.5 pound tripod. After 9 tiring days, I had to ship my tripod home. I am a professional photographer by trade. Nature and star-trail photography are my hobbies. At first I was photographing just vistas, but after a while they felt empty without people in them – I am a portrait photographer for a reason. So I started to include hikers in my photos (PCT, JMT and sometimes support people). If you see anyone you know, please let them know.

This is the visual story of my trip:

Travel Photography, John Muir Trail Photography, Pacific Crest Trail Photography,

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