An Engagement Photo session with Paula and Sherman

I was thrilled when Paula and Sherman hired me to photograph their engagement photo session in San Francisco as part of their wedding photography package. An officer and a gentleman (West Point graduate) with smart and beautiful bride. Could not wait for the session. This was a destination engagement photography (they live on the East Coast). Each time I start an engagement photography session, there are several goals: number one goal is for couple to be more comfortable with their photographer. They already picked me as their wedding photographer, yet this is my way of showing them that they picked right photographer for their wedding.  Goal number two is to make images for their wedding slideshow and or signature book.  My question to each couple is this: we will have an image/s or slide show on display when your family and friends arrive at the reception. What would you like your family and friends know about you when they see your artwork? Paula and Sherman's response was that they want everyone to know that they are in love and they are happy.   I believe that images are testimony to that.  And final goal: some people may have issues with how they look. Some people do not their profile, their nose, weight, height, legs, etc... To me, they all look beautiful, but I need to know if there are any issues. After engagement photo session, we go over my favorite photographs and I let my clients talk. It is much better to find out before wedding if there is something I should be aware of than after, when it is too late.  On a wedding day, I can adjust how to photograph couple to minimize whatever... Now back to Paula and Sherman. I love how photographs came out. So did they!

Bay Area engagement photography

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Princess Wedding at Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay

Ritz Carlton Princess Wedding.

I usually do not brag…

The groom, who is a professional photographer,  saw my work in 2005 and was very impressed by it.  So when he was getting married, I was his choice to photograph the wedding!

To him,  photography was very important during wedding. So we scheduled lots of time for it. As you can see the results, we succeeded.

I would like to thank Amy Monroe from Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay for her help in making everything run smoothly and on time.

Huge thank you for celebrity make up artist extraordinaire Alexis Vogel for making my job easy on the wedding day.

Big thanks to hair stylist Michelle Vanderhule for her exceptional work.

Flowers were stunning and provided by Amy Burke Design

Beautiful wedding dress “Cinderella”came from Brides of California and was designed by Alfred Angelo

Information about San Francisco City Hall Weddings

I have had the honor to photograph many gorgeous San Francisco City Hall Weddings in the past, and doing so have picked up some useful tips about getting married in City Hall:

  • You have to reserve two appointments to get married at City Hall, one to obtain a marriage license, and one for the actual ceremony. These appointments can be scheduled on the same day or two different days. If scheduled on the same day, make sure to reserve your appointment to obtain a marriage license at least an hour before the actual ceremony as to ensure enough time.
  • Appointments for marriage licenses and ceremonies and can be made up to 90 days in advance, and ceremonies can be booked Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 3:30 pm. These reservations can be made online or in person at City Hall.
  • Once you arrive for your Ceremony Reservation, each person must present:
    • Photo identification.
    • Valid marriage license.
    • One witness (no more than two) if presenting a public marriage license.
    • No witness is required if presenting a confidential marriage license.
  • There are a few beautiful locations in City Hall where you can have your marriage ceremony. The Rotunda or a private room comes with no extra charge, limit to six guests (including a witness and a photographer), and 10 minuets for the ceremony. City Hall does not allow you to reserve the Rotunda because there is no guarantee you will be able to use it for your ceremony. The 4th Floor and Mayor’s Balcony are more private, allow up to 100 guests, and 1 hour for the ceremony, but with a charge of about $1,000.