An outdoor Family Portrait Photography Session

What can I say: San Francisco provides one of the best backgrounds for an outdoor family portraits. I love it when my clients choose outdoor sessions. Judy's and David's portrait session in San Francisco outdoors was no exception. We got great family photos!

San Francisco outdoor Family Portrait photography session

Child_Photography_San_Francisco_--2 Child_Photography_San_Francisco_--3 Child_Photography_San_Francisco_-0065 Child_Photography_San_Francisco_-0346 Child_Photography_San_Francisco_-0492

A Family portrait session

I love photography challenges.  In this photo session with Kelly, her family and her pets, we could not overcome cat's reluctance to go to the beach! :) So we had to photograph cat at home and then go to the beach with the dog. Who said that fog ruins photography! We had great time and photos to prove it!